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 export PATH=$PATH:​$JAVA_HOME/​bin export PATH=$PATH:​$JAVA_HOME/​bin
-$JAVA_HOME/​bin/​java -classpath ​ ~/​.juniper_networks/​network_connect/​NC.jar NC -h HOST_IP -r REALM -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD -f ./cert.der -L 5 -U "​https://​juniper_url/​athdev"  ​+$JAVA_HOME/​bin/​java -classpath ​ ~/​.juniper_networks/​network_connect/​NC.jar NC -h HOST_IP -r REALM -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD -f ./cert.der -L 5 -U "​https://​juniper_url/​XXXXX"  ​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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