Why to use FreeBSD

  1. ZFS
  2. Community & Support / like linux
  3. Free & Open source

Why not?

  1. Dropbox - not works (v11.0)

Why to use FreeBSD

Log in as root, and do post-installation updates, to wit:
    portsnap fetch extract update
    freebsd-update fetch install
    install an initial-but-minimal working system, starting with pkg(8), the packaging system itself:
    pkg bootstrap
    Developer’s basic toolkit (and I prefer bash for an interactive shell):
    pkg install git bash gmake cmake pkgconf gettext-tools binutils
    echo fdesc /dev/fd fdescfs rw 0 0 >> /etc/fstab
    echo proc /proc procfs rw 0 0 >> /etc/fstab
    An X Server and a backup X11 environment (ancient):
    pkg install xorg xterm twm
    Desktop technologies (modern):
    pkg install hal dbus
    echo hald_enable=YES >> /etc/rc.conf
    echo dbus_enable=YES >> /etc/rc.conf
    Clean up
    pkg autoremove
    pkg clean
    rm /usr/ports/distfiles/*
Reboot again.    


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