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  1. Install msysgit - You should select option “Use git from Windows command prompt”
  2. Install Node.js
  3. Install JDK
  4. Download ANT
  5. Extract ANT to c:\development\ant
  6. Install Android SDK Android SDK - Click “Download the bundle”
  7. Add system varibole “JAVA_HOME” to …where youv installed jdk.. ( How to set Java_Home
  8. Extract bundle to c:\development\bundle-adt… (you can use for extraction 7-zip)
  9. Rename it to c:\android\bundle
  10. Add to PATH variable “;c:\development\bundle-adt\sdk\platform-tools;c:\development\bundle-adt\sdk\tools;c:\development\ant\bin”
  11. click start → run → cmd
  12. go to “C:\android\bundle”
  13. execute “npm install -g cordova ionic”
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