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 ====== Apache NiFi ====== ====== Apache NiFi ======
 +[[https://​community.hortonworks.com/​articles/​75032/​executescript-cookbook-part-1.html|Script processor JYthon NIFI]]
 +Community: [[http://​webchat.freenode.net/?​channels=#​nifi|irc]] [[https://​www.hipchat.com/​gzh2m5YML|hipchat]]
 +====== KB ======
 +-- cursh handling
 +[4:26 PM] Joe Witt: set that to
 +[4:26 PM] Joe Witt: nifi.flowcontroller.autoResumeState=false
 +[4:26 PM] Joe Witt: then you can fix/change whatever is going into a hung thread state mode
 +[4:27 PM] Joe Witt: in latest release (or maybe in the next release?) you can kill hung processors too
 +[4:27 PM] Joe Witt: that wil let you fix things and restart them as well
 +[4:27 PM] Joe Witt: that is new or about to be released
 ====== Create Processor ====== ====== Create Processor ======
 <code bash> <code bash>
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